A song for Special Children (2014)

When Akhil and I got married, we wanted to celebrate our special day, by doing something for children with special needs. We approached two excellent NGOs in Chennai – V-Excel Academy and Vidyanjali. Our invitation was handmade by children of V-Excel with lovely Warli art, and our gifts were redirected to Vidyanjali.

I later sang “Kuraionrumillai” for the special children of Vidyanjali (link in the first comment below). “Kurai” in Tamizh means regret, and it can also mean deficiency/shortcoming. Singing “kuraionrumillai”, was my way of reaffirming, that these wonderful children do not lack anything; they are not deficient – they just have special needs, thats all.

It was amazing to see how the kids responded (especially one boy who punched out when I was finishing – his teacher explained that this child was very fond of music, and this was his way of saying, “Please don’t stop”).

The video is below.