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Music Retreat in Bali, Indonesia (2017)

If you are interested in participating in similar music retreats, in India and abroad, please do drop a line, with your contact details. Thank you. My husband Akhil and I are very fond of travel, and try to travel to different countries and experience different cultures of the world, whenever time and schedules permit. We […]

PavaiNonbu (2016-17)

Both in 2015 and 2016, Chennai was struck by rain and storm, just as Margazhi was approaching. The losses and damages on both occasion, were heart-rending. And when this happened the second time around, in 2016, I felt like taking my own ‘TiruppavaiNombu’ for Margazhi, and praying for peace – internally as well as externally; […]

Hindu Monastery in Hawaii, USA (2016)

I often think that the world is moving from doing things “by birth” to doing things “by choice” – and that is a VERY powerful transition. Taking an example: Earlier, members of specific communities/families, would be vegetarians by birth. Today, several westerners have embraced vegetarianism and veganism – purely by CHOICE. (And of course, some […]

A prayer for relief from floods in Chennai (2015)

In December 2015, Chennai was hit by torrential rains and flooding caused by breach of reservoirs. I volunteered for flood relief work, and tried to help in my own small way. I also did not accept any honourariums for concerts in that season – requesting organizers to add it to the honourariums of my accompanying […]

A song for Special Children (2014)

When Akhil and I got married, we wanted to celebrate our special day, by doing something for children with special needs. We approached two excellent NGOs in Chennai – V-Excel Academy and Vidyanjali. Our invitation was handmade by children of V-Excel with lovely Warli art, and our gifts were redirected to Vidyanjali. I later sang […]

Dominated by bhakti

The kritis showcased the variety in the compositions of Tyagaraja. B. Ramadevi writes. Devotion and nostalgia were the hallmarks of the 63rd Thyagabrahma Gananjali, held at Sarojini Nataraj Auditorium, Coimbatore. B. Ramadevi The Hindu, Coimbatore – 09 Feb 2017

Sankranti Festival: Looking within and beyond

The Sankranti Festival played sturdy notes of classicism There is always a counter to every trend. In the case of Carnatic music – as opposed to the flamboyance and glamour of the mainstream – there is a quieter and remarkably self-assured stream that holds together its richness and diversity. DEEPA GANESH The Hindu, Bengaluru – […]

An interesting line-up of kritis

Padma Sugavanam’s information on songs lent an edge. When an artist punctuates her concert with informative snippets, she bridges the gap between the performer and the audience. The Hindu, Chennai – 03 Nov 2016