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Padma Sugavanam

When music is offered with strict practice, in measured levels and coupled with a sweet voice, it naturally impresses. Padma Sugavanam, a disciple of vidushi Seetha Rajan, showcased her commitment to the school’s style. G. Swaminathan The Hindu, Chennai – 30 Dec 2014

Interview for Carnatictimes.com

My childhood memories of her as my senior at St Johns English School and then at Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School are vivid. She was a brilliant student who won every academic proficiency prize there was, year after year. She was also known for her outstanding singing, never failing to bring laurels to the school […]

Interview for the Sruti Magazine

Meet Dr Padma Sugavanam, an A-grade artist with All India Radio, who trained under the gurukulam environment with guru Seetha Rajan. A winner of the ‘’Most Outstanding Vocalist’’ award in the junior category of the Music Academy in 2014, Padma loves old poetry and languages. In evidence during her recent conversation with Sruti were the […]

Interview for Lok Vani

Dr. Padma Sugavanam is a young musician from India, who represents a rare combination of a performing Carnatic musician and academic researcher. Padma’s musical abilities were recognized very early, when she won some of the toughest competitions, and also was double promoted by All India Radio to an A-grade artist. Privileged to train in the […]