• “Padma’s voice soared powerfully to present an impressive essay of Todi”

    – Sruti Magazine

  • “To say the least, her music is a lesson in sincerity and surrender”

    – The Hindu

  • “Her sturdy uncompromising classicism, kept the audience under her spell”

    – The Hindu

Musical and Aesthetic Values

My musical values, are to pursue excellence over popularity. Only if I am true to myself as an artiste, can I be true to the audience.


Dr. Padma Sugavanam is an A-graded (PrasarBharati) Carnatic vocalist, and an academician with a PhD in Sanskrit and Music from Madras University. She was a Lecturer of Music for 10 years at Sri Venkateswara College of Music and Dance, Tirupati.  With an active performance schedule, Padma has given 60 performances in 2016.

inHarmony Retreats blend travel and Indian classical music through meticulously curated tours, harmonizing elements of heritage, yoga, literature and dance, to create exceptional aesthetic experiences in breathtaking environs.

Special Projects and Initiatives

From time to time, I work on special, off-beat projects and initiatives – taking music to new spaces, new audience, new mode of presentation, composing music of social relevance.

My Music

Full concert at Milwaukee Tyagaraja Aradhana, Milwaukee, USA – Spring 2016 US Tour


Carnatic music – form, structure, presentation and aesthetics
(Hawaii, USA)

My Academics

University Grants’ Commission (UGC) course – Bhakti Saints of India (part 1 – South India)